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    • Want better vision?Do you have cataracts and need a custom solution?
      Have you had cataract surgery and want better
      vision or freedom from glasses?

    • Dr Alison ChiuA highly experienced ophthalmologist and specialist refractive and cataract surgeon

    • Freedom of Vision
      Fully Trained Specialist

    • Improve Your VisionCataract Removal

    • Improving Eye FunctionWith Precision Laser Treatments

    • Regain ClarityFully Trained Specialist

    • New Hope for Low VisionImprove your quality of life

    • Glasses fogging up?Reserve your laser eye surgery booking now and transform your life


    BMedSc (Hons I), Grad Dip Refractive Surgery

    Specialist Eye Surgeon

    Dr Alison Chiu has special interest in complex cataract surgery and is an expert in refractive vision correction. She has contributed to the success of over 40,000 laser vision corrections performed at one of Australia's leading refractive surgical centres.

    Why Consider
    Dr. Alison Chiu?

    • Educational Qualification & Awards
    • Clinical Experience & Appointments
    • Expertise & Special Interests
    • Approach to Patients

    Patient JourneyProvides Information and Education Regarding Each Stage of Treatment

    Doctor Selection

    Online Research

    Second Opinion






    Tests and




    (Team Effort)

    Speciality Dry Eye Clinic

    Speciality Dry Eye ClinicIntense Pulsed Light For Dry Eye

    Dry eye is a condition characterized by the lack of sufficient oil production from Meibomian glands located within the eyelids. A series of light pulses (IPL) is delivered in a specific manner to stimulate the Meibomian glands to produce oil.


    • The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Opthalmologists
    • AUSCRS
    • Australian Society of Opthalmologists
    • Sydney Ophthalmic Specialists
    • The University of Sydney
    • UNSW
    • NSW Health
    • University of Cambridge
    • UCL
    • Harvard University
    • Sydney Eye Hospital
    • St Vincents Hospital
    • Kinghorn Cancer Centre
    • AMA
    • AHPRA
    • Sydney Surgical Centre